7 Tips To Dress Taller

It’s been quite some time since I started this blog. And there’s been MANY outfits. Good, bad, and ugly.

Over the years, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I think I’ve mastered how to dress for my body. Being petite, there’s a lot of trial and error when it comes to shopping. There’s only so many petite styles, and often times, I have to make regular pieces work. For me, I know exactly what pieces to avoid when I don’t want to look shorter than I already am. Of course, everyone has their own challenges when it comes to style, but I’ve learned a lot tricks on how to dress taller. Fun fact — when my best friend told Rob about me for the first time, he OBVIOUSLY stalked my Instagram, and he thought I was TALL. We still laugh over this because….yeah I’m not LOL.

Wear high waisted bottoms

I LOOOOOOVE a good high waisted pant. Whether it’s denim, trousers, leggings, shorts, or skirts…I want them all. When I started purchasing high rise denim (probably in like 2015?), I realized JUST how much they elongate my legs. Definitely my top tier tip. I also love how my high waisted bottoms keep me sucked in!

Go for the tuck

This goes hand in hand with the high waisted bottoms. Tucking in your top allows for more leg to be shown. Combine a tucked in shirt with a high waisted bottom, and all of a sudden you look TALL. Ok, maybe not TALL…but you get it. Whether it’s a full tuck or a half tuck, showing your hips will give you some extra height.

Monochromatic works

Wearing the same color (or very tonal colors) is a great way to elongate your petite frame. It’s definitely a secret of mine when I want to wear something that is generally unflattering on my body. For example, if I’m wearing black jeans, I’ll wear black heeled booties. This helps give the illusion that your feet and legs are one…making you look taller!

Utilize the right accessories

This definitely applies to bags — specifically when you wear your bags long. I think it looks weird in general, but DEFINITELY weird if you’re petite. If you have a smaller frame, your bag should sit on your hip. It really makes a huge difference. I LOVE this bag strap hack from Jessica Wang.

Wear jeans that fit you

I’m kinda going against my own way of dressing here, but buy petite jeans or get them hemmed. OR even cut them yourself. I do like when my looser jeans are rolled/cuffed, but I typically like my skinny jeans to ACTUALLY fit/hit my ankle. If a brand doesn’t have a petite length and/or I don’t want to get them hemmed, I’ll search specifically for cropped jeans (that usually end up being ankle length).

Short dresses should be…short

When you’re wearing a short dress or skirt, you don’t want it to run too long. Showing as much leg as possible is the goal…but obviously there’s a fine line with dresses and skirts. A good rule of thumb is 2″ above your knee. Sometimes a little shorter is fun;)

Opt for mules or loafers

Mules allow your ankles to be free of anything, which ultimately elongates your legs. The best way to wear mules is with cropped jeans…or looser rolled cuff jeans.

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