The 5 Types Of Shoes You Need For Fall & Winter

One of the reasons why I love fall so much is because of the shoe options. THEY ARE ENDLESS. I feel like in the summer, I can really only wear sandals or sneakers. But Fall/Winter?! OOOOOF. So many good ones. Today I’m sharing 5 types of shoes needed for fall and winter.


Boots & Booties

Boots and booties are obviously a MUST HAVE for fall and winter. There’s nothing worse than cold feet when you’re walking around. Shopping for boots are actually so overwhelming for me. There’s always a new style or trend. But I think there are a couple of boots and booties that are non-negotiable and will forever be a classic, like knee high boots. I wanted to include some trendy boots too, as a few of them have actually been in my closet for 2 seasons now.

  • Lug Sole Boots: As a petite person, I think that lug sole boots are actually quite flattering. I love how the fitted shaft helps to elongate your legs. I also love the juxtaposition between that and the thick sole.
  • Winter Boots: I typically reach for my waterproof boots (YES, THEY’RE SUEDE!) when I’m looking for an outfit completer. I also just bought these UGG boots for COLD COLD COLD days where my feet pretty much need to feel like they’re in a blanket (also waterproof).
  • Knee High Boots: These are the boots that are CLASSIC and will be in your closet forever. I remember when I was SO into over the knee boots, but have found that knee high boots just look and feel better on me.
  • Combat Boots: I bought my Chanel combat boots in 2019 and they might be my most worn. I love them SO much. I recently saw these Prada boots, but could not justify the price. A few weeks ago, I had some time to kill before getting my new tattoos, so I went into Urban Outfitters. I found these boots and walked out of the store with them.
  • Heeled Booties: And finally a pair of boots for when you wanna be dressier.


I love wearing mules during fall. I particularly love my Gucci mules with the fur. I wrote this post about styling Gucci shoes, and how they’re my most worn shoes. I think they’re great for every type of outfit. And 10000% worth the investment. I was talking to someone who has had their Gucci shoes for almost 8 years. That alone should be a reason to buy them! The (faux) fur ones are perfect for fall. I love that they give the ultimate cool girl vibes.


I’ve been on the Birkenstock bandwagon for years now. I love how they give off the “I don’t really care” vibes, but still make your outfit dope. Last year, I bought the shearling option, and this year I decided to buy the clog version. I love them all equally. Even though they’re certainly not the most attractive looking shoe, I think they’re SUCH a cool girl option.


I was never a sneaker girl. And then I got a pair of Air Max 90s are LOOOOOVED them. I realized I could wear them with more outfits than I thought. So I started purchasing more. I think they’re the perfect swap for your sandals. I really love the Nike Blazers. I got them in March, and pretty much wear them every weekend. When it comes to wearing sneakers with more casual looks (or even dresses), I typically reach for my white Nike Air Max or Everlane sneakers. They add a little bit of a masculine tough to feminine outfits, and I really love that!


There’s something about pairing a fall/winter outfit with a pair of heels. I LOVED this option from Ann Taylor. I think they’re so easy and so classic. After not putting on a pair of heels for all of 2020, I’ve definitely been gravitating more towards heels when we have a date night or an event.

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