My 5 Favorite Podcasts Right Now

Podcasts are SO in right now. And if you’re not listening to at least one, well…you should be.

My 5 Favorite Podcasts Right Now by NYC blogger Pink Champagne Problems

I started listening to podcasts when Serial came out. I thought podcasts were cool and all, but I didn’t listen to any faithfully. Over the past few months, I picked up my headphones and started playing different types of podcasts. Overall, I listen to some random ones that are definitely not for everyone. There are certain times when I listen to funny podcasts – usually during my commute or when I’m doing work and need some background noise. I listen to more serious podcasts before bed or while I’m editing photos.

I know many of you have favorite podcasts, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones and when I listen. I’d love to see what kind of podcast genres we have in common and learn about any of your favorites that I haven’t heard of yet!

If you’re a Bachelor Nation lover…

OFF THE VINE | Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn is probably one of my favorite people ever. I loved her season of The Bachelorette and I’ve been following her life ever since. I think her and Shawn B are the cutest couple EVER, and I’m obsessed with following her on Snapchat. When she announced she was starting a podcast, I was so excited and it quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. Her podcast is super funny, I’m always laughing out loud. I love Kaitlyn’s outlook on life, certain issues, and hearing her inside scoop from The Bachelor. A few of my favorite guests include: Shawn B (duh), Chris Stransburg (Cupcake), her BFF, and Carly and Evan. This is a great podcast for anyone looking for some entertainment. You’ll love her even more after listening!

MOUTHING OFF | Olivia Caridi

Yeah, Olivia was 100% portrayed as the villain on Ben’s season of The Bachelor. But after following her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat post-show, you’d be able to figure out pretty quickly that she’s a normal person. WOW, SHOCKING, I KNOW! I was really excited to listen to Olivia’s podcast, and not just for the content. I was excited to hear more of her personality. I laugh a lot during Olivia’s shows. One day I was getting my lashes done and was listening to her show with Vinny, Daniel, and Patty from Millionaire Matchmaker and I literally busted out laughing that the woman needed to stop doing my lashes for a minute. Her shows are all about getting the inside scoop from her guests (like Reality Steve) and talking about important issues like bullying (she talked about this with Kaitlyn Bristowe). Olivia loves taking listeners questions to ask her guests which always end up being hilarious. I’ve actually enjoyed most of Olivia’s guests, but one of my recent favorites was with Girl With No Job.

If you’re a blogger/entrepreneur…

GOAL DIGGER | Jenna Kutcher

I believe I first learned about Goal Digger from Sheila, and have been hooked ever since. Jenna Kutcher is the definition of someone who has their shit together. She’s built her brand out of absolutely nothing and turned it into an empire. Her guests include creatives from so many different fields (photographers, designers, bloggers, etc.) and I’ve been learning so much. I’m only about 10 episodes in, but one of my favorite episodes is about hiring assistants. It’s definitely been on my radar for quite some time now, and after listening to it I think I’m going to take the leap to hire someone to help out with Pink Champagne Problems! Definitely a blogger’s favorite podcasts!

MAKE IT HAPPEN | Jen Carrington

I recently started to listening to Jen’s podcast and I really enjoy her tone. She’s super up beat and it just seems like she’s having a genuine conversation with her guests on how to make a more fulfilling life for yourself…when it comes to your blog or business. I’m really excited to continue listening to more episodes!

If you need something mindless and you’re sarcastic/enjoy crude humor…

THE BITCH BIBLE | Jackie Schimmel

Another of my favorite podcasts where I’m pretty much laughing out loud. Jackie is a blogger-turned-podcaster and she is one of the most sarcastic, bitchiest, funniest girls ever. I identify pretty well with her because I’m also extremely sarcastic. The best part is that she also makes fun of herself in most of her episodes — or tells really hilarious stories — so it’s really just all in good fun. She has a lot of celebrity guests on and recaps all of my favorite reality shows. It’s an easy to listen to show that doesn’t require a lot of brain cells (oops, sorry did I just say that?).

Podcasts are great for so many different reasons: listen to one when you want to decompress, listen to one when you want to learn something, or listen to one of your favorite bloggers or reality star’s show. What are some of your favorite podcasts? I know there are so many out there, so I’m always up for trying out new ones!

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  1. 8.22.17

    I’ve heard about goal digger need to check that out! I love the mom hour and the girls next door!

  2. 8.22.17
    Kendal said:

    I’ve been looking for some blogging-related podcasts! I’ll definitely check these out. Thank you for sharing!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. 8.22.17

    I love podcasts so much- I always listen to them when walking/running or when I’m at the gym and they make the time fly by so fast! Bachelor Nation podcasts are my favorite, haha 🙂 I’ll definitely have to listen to some of your blogger podcast recommendations!

    Mia |

  4. 8.22.17

    ooh I definitely need to listen to some of these! I’m burning through my true crime podcasts and need to switch things up!

    xx Caroline

  5. 8.23.17

    I have never listened to a podcast but really feel like I need to. Especially the Goal Digger one you suggested. That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing lady.

    xo Laura Leigh