5 Black Content Creators You Need To Know Now

In keeping up with amplifying black voices and creators, I wanted to share 5 women who I found thanks to this movement.

I came to a tough realization that my feed wasn’t as diverse as I’d like it to be. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I have a reason or excuse for that, but over the last three weeks, I changed that. I found SO many new girls that I truly LOVE their content. While it was my fault for not actively seeking these women for my feed, I’m really happy I found them anyway. It’s been great connecting with them, listening to them, getting inspired by them, and learning from them. And I’m not just talking in terms of Black Lives Matter. These women create relatable, fashionable, useful content. And I think everyone should know them.

Nikki of @newtexacali

When I found Nikki, I was like, “I need to be this girl.” Her style is SO effortless, and literally everything I want to be. She looks like such a cool girl, with cool girl style. I mean, ain’t that what we’re striving for?! I also love that she is obsessed with hats. Because you know I’m obsessed with hats.

Ireana of @xoxijoelle

I’m SO happy Hillary shared Ireana’s profile a few weeks ago. Again, I just LOVE her casual style because it’s basically how I dress too. I also love how real she is on Instagram. It’s not super curated, it’s just her real life and what she wants to share…or at least that what it seems like to me. She seems like she would be your best friend in real life!

Hayet of @hayet.rida

I found Hayet when my friend, Jenn, posted her page. I love how she is so knowledgeable in the tech space, and I’ve already learned a lot from her posts. She is a freakin’ smart cookie when it comes to all things tech and business.

Ayana of @ayanagabriellelage

I was one of the people who found Ayana thanks to one of her viral IGTV videos. Her first video was about why we need to share on social media. Then she went viral again after posting about microaggressions. I was hooked on her content ever since. Not only is she using her voice, but she is also encouraging white allies to do the same. Other than that, she is a true RAY OF SUNSHINE, and I definitely cried watching her tell her husband that they were pregnant!


Tiffany of @tiffanyima

I originally followed Tiffany because I was drawn to how REAL she was on her feed. She posts so much about body positivity and wellness, and I really love that. It’s not easy to put yourself out there, especially when you’re talking about body confidence, cellulite, and stretch marks. But hey, WE ARE WOMEN. Shit like that is NORMAL.

These women all serve a different purpose on my feed: Health, wellness, style, business, realness. We all may come from different corners of the world, but I’m so excited to have them pop up on my feed more regularly! I highly encourage you to give them all a follow (if you haven’t already). And I would also love for you to give me YOUR favorite black content creators so I can check out their work too!

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  1. 6.22.20
    Morgan said:

    All of these women have amazing content! I haven’t seen Tiffany’s stuff before – I will have to give her a follow!

    the HER chronicles [] http://theherchronicles.com

    • 6.22.20

      YAY! I’m so glad you’ve been following them too. Tiffany is SO smart and has really great things to say about body positivity! I think you’ll like her content for sure.

  2. 6.23.20
    shianne said:

    this list ! thanks for sharing need to be following more people of colour
    shy _ https://www.shyyshianne.com/