4 Post-Workout Necessities

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As I’ve mentioned here and on social media, I’m trying to get back on track when it comes to working out. I feel so much better after a spin class, and it’s just part of my weekly routine. Naturally, I have a post-work out routine that I follow, and I wanted to share it with you today!

Get a smoothie

As soon as I get out of a spin class, I head to get a smoothie. Not only does it help cool me off after a sweat, but it also helps put nutrients back in my body.

Put on the best tunes (or a podcast)

I like to keep the party going after I step out of the studio. I throw on some of my favorite jams (or even some songs that were just played during the ride), and keep those endorphins pumping. If I’m not in the mood for music, I put on one of my favorite podcasts and head home.

Wind down with some self care

As soon as I get home, I head right for the shower. This is probably the best part of my post-gym routine. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love using Summer’s Eve® as a cleanser for day-to-day boosts of freshness! It’s so important for us gals to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Simply Summer’s Eve® is free from dyes, parabens, and alcohol and is also infused with botanical extracts. Whether it’s the shower foam or the gel (in the Lavender & Chamomile scent), I’m always stocked up. If I happen to take a shower after spin class, I make sure I have the individually wrapped cleansing cloths with me — such a lifesaver (and so easy to throw in your gym bag).

Get into bed with a book

I love getting into bed about an hour before I go to sleep and open up a good book. It helps get me more tired, and also gets me off my phone for an hour. There’s seriously nothing better than being all cozy in your bed with a good book, and then turning the lights off to go to bed!

What are some of post-workout “must-dos”?

photos by allie provost

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