4 Lessons I Learned From Wicked

I love Wicked. If you don’t know (which you  probably already do), now you know.

Oh, Wicked. The show that I’ve been OBSESSED with over the last year. Granted, it’s had something to do with the fact that I became completely and utterly obsessed with the former lead of the show, Jessica Vosk. But before you make fun of me, I want to say something. In the 14 times I’ve seen the show since August, I’ve really learned a lot from the show…things that we can totally relate to in real life.

Are people born “bad”? Or do experiences change them?

At the beginning of the show, Glinda says “Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?” This is kind of a foreshadowing of what happens to the main character, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West).

It’s kind of a no-brainer, but people’s experiences shape them into who they are. Whether they’re #blessed or dealt a shitty hand in life, experiences can make or break someone. Personally, I try to always learn from experiences, whether they’re bad or good. I wouldn’t want a bad experience to define me or be heavy baggage as a go on through life. So while I’ll never be on the side of evil,I often think about how bad people got to where they are.

Someone’s voice can truly change you.

If you even remotely follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Jessica Vosk is truly my QUEEN. Her voice leaves me speechless and in tears every single time, without fail. It’s like beating a dead horse at this point, but her voice is honestly just THAT GOOD. It’s so amazing to see other people leave comments or write to her about how her voice has changed their lives in a positive way. She sings with such emotion, it really gets to ya!

It only takes one person to help change your perspective.

If you didn’t know the story of Wicked, Elphaba and Glinda actually knew each other when they were younger. As you could probably picture, Glinda was the popular one and Elphaba, not so much. Although they were “enemies” in the beginning, they learned more about each other and eventually became an unlikely pair of best friends. Even though Elphaba was the different one, she had a big heart and was unapologetically herself…and helped Glinda become a better human.


Honestly, biggest takeaway? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Seeing Wicked so many times might seem like a waste of money to some, but for me, it NEVER disappointed. It made me happy. I was ALWAYS excited. I say this all the time, but I truly think that doing the things that make you happy are SO SO SO important and SO SO SO worth it. Also, go see Wicked.

So…who’s coming to Wicked with me next?;)

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