3 Brands I’ve Purchased Masks From (+ A Reminder To Wear A Mask!!!)

Honestly, if you’re not wearing a mask, WHAT IS YOU DOIN’?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, BUT you 100% should be wearing a mask. I literally do not care who you are…YOU SHOULD BE WEARING A MASK. I’m pretty proud to say that the majority of New Yorkers (or at least the ones I see) are wearing masks. Maybe that’s why we’re continually seeing a downtrend in COVID-19 cases while the rest of the nation is spiking.

While it was really hard to stay in for pretty much 3 months, I’m happy that New York didn’t rush into things. We took it seriously, even if we didn’t want to. I’m still not sure why a lot of people think it’s ok to completely disregard the whole “you must wear a mask” thing. Don’t get me started on the “you’re taking away my freedom” thing. Uh, ok we can easily say, “you could potentially take someone’s life by NOT wearing a mask”. BUT. ANYWAY. The point is: WEAR YOUR DAMN MASK. That is all.

I actually don’t mind wearing a mask at all. I’m never walking/out that long, so it truly isn’t a big deal to me. Sure, my face gets a little sweatier than normal…but like..ok? In fact, I’ve been shopping a decent amount for masks because there are some really cute ones. And if we’re going to be wearing them for a while, then OF COURSE I’m going to find different masks for different looks.

I wanted to share a couple of places I’ve shopped for masks!

sunday ritual designs

I think Shelby introduced me to this shop way back in April (which truly feels like forever ago), and I’ve been wearing them since. They’re super lightweight, so they’re comfortable. They just introduced some new patterns, so I highly suggest picking some up!

z supply

I picked these masks up on a whim last week while shopping for these shortalls. I wanted to get Nick an all black mask, and I thought the camo was too cute. I should have known they were going to be heavier fabric, as Z Supply typically has thicker/mushier fabric. So I’m not so sure I recommend these for the dead of summer. But, we typically wear them when it gets cooler at night.

jennifer behr

When I saw these masks on Blair, I NEEDED them. I’ve been wanting a leopard mask, but naturally, they were all sold out every time I looked. So I definitely SPLURGED on these masks, but I just really loved them. It’s the little things, ya know?

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  1. 7.1.20

    Ugh, yes, PREACH! It drives me crazy that some people don’t wear masks! I don’t even have words for the selfishness associated with those actions.

    Thanks for sharing where you’ve found masks! All of mine are just plain white so I’m thinking about getting a few patterned ones!

    xx Chelsea Finn

    • 7.1.20

      You’re right, there’s no words for those people. I mean….I have a couple, but they’re not appropriate;)
      And YAY! The patterned masks are just super fun, and I mean, might as well have some fun with it, right?!

  2. 7.1.20

    Ohhh my gosh LOVE these recs! Adding to cart ASAP – especially the last ones – love me some leopard. I’ll need plenty more when we return to the city!

    • 7.1.20

      YAY! The leopard ones are BY FAR my favorite. I’ve been grabbing them first lately when walking out the door!