Monday Musings, 10/19

Happy Monday! Does anyone feel like slapping whoever created the 5-day work week (I believe it was Henry Ford, btw)?

Weekend Highlights:

  • My boyfriend is pretty sick and my friends were all busy, which means this weekend meant a lot of Dana time — a.k.a a massage…it was faaaantastic.
  • And that’s really all I did……….

Things You Need To See:

You’re going to want to bookmark this page: timeless looks.

Ann Taylor sweaters…give me all of them!

One of my favorite bloggers was featured on the Intermix blog, love the looks she chose!

I’m completely smitten with Kaitlyn and Shawn from The Bachelorette. Loved reading this interview with them!

Love this sweater vest!

…and this one too.

Olivia’s look is PERFECT for this transitional period!

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