Daily Outfit 1/11/22

I really don’t plan on leaving my apartment today with the exception of dropping/picking up my laundry, and then running out to get lunch. It seems PRETTY DAMN cold out, so throwing on a scarf too!

SWEATER: I LOVE this sweater hoodie. For my 5’2 frame, this sweater is PERFECT for leggings. I usually don’t go for hoodies, but I loved the fit of it so much. It’s currently 40% off and comes in another color.

SHACKET: This shacket is 50% OFF!!! Although it’s final sale, I PROMISE you won’t want to return it. I LOVE it — it’s such a good, neutral jacket.

LEGGINGS: I will die on a hill for these leggings. I’m seriously OBSESSED. They are so cozy and perfect for lounging, running errands, AND even for a night out with a fancier tunic length top. They are selling to the piece, so I would get your hands on a pair if you could — I currently have 3 pairs because I love them THAT MUCH.

BEANIE: When I found this Rebecca Minkoff beanie, I seriously couldn’t buy every color fast enough. I think I wore one every single day (and this was in 2019). I mean, I still get so much wear out of all of them (but I think 8 colors is a BIT excessive). They don’t make a full run of colors, but I did just find 2 new colors that are available — low key want the camel color. Hopefully they make other colors (like black) soon!

SUNGLASSES: I splurged on these Dior sunglasses back in August because my sister bought them and I loved them on her. I think they’re SO cool, and I love how oversized they are. They’re a pair that I’ll have in my closet for years. Also linking a similar, oversized pair from Amazon that I also own in black.

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  1. 5.3.22
    Stephanie Guss said:

    Just bought a Sleeveless top from GlitGlitMy first time trying out this brand.I like the understated green used for this top ( it is literally literally U.S Dollar green)) Colour well set.Very little bleeding on first warm wash..wash.It is cute as a vest too. I’ll keep you posted so far I like my dollar colored green vest from Lou and Grey.