What Is Lou & Grey (+ Why I Am This Brand’s Biggest Fan)

Lou & Grey – you’ve heard me talk about them. You’ve seen my try ons. You’ve read my words GUSHING over our products.

By now, I think it’s pretty clear that I LOVE this brand. I feel so grateful to work for a company like Lou & Grey. It’s amazing that I get a SAY in the product. A few weeks ago, we were reviewing the latest product images and my boss said “That was all you.” AND THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME FEELING. It’s so cool that I get the opportunity to really get my hands dirty, and help choose products that I want our customer to LOVE for years. And to make her keep coming back to Lou & Grey.

Now, I know the idea of Lou & Grey might be a little confusing, especially since COVID, and many of you might not even understand WHY I love Lou & Grey so much. So I’m here to explain it ALL.

The History

Lou & Grey originated from Loft’s lounge collection, and kind of grew into its own thing around 2014. At first, the brand was only sold in LOFT stores (and that’s how I started shopping the brand), and then we eventually grew into our own freestanding business. Our Creative Director perfectly described the brand’s name: “Lou” has a cool, tomboyish quality and “Grey” has a soft, welcoming feel. The brand was built on neutral colors — it was made for the cool girl mixed with elegant warmth. At the start of Lou & Grey (I wasn’t working for the brand, but I was a HUGE fan), we really didn’t target a specific demographic. Age didn’t matter. It was a mindset, how our girl approached life. We wanted people to be stylish but also cool and relaxed. From my point of view, we’ve always catered to the girl who is always on the go, someone who lives a crazy busy lifestyle.

What’s Happening Now

In July 2020, the decision was made to close all of our freestanding Lou & Grey stores after our parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It was literally soul crushing. I had only been with the company for 5 months, but I loved everything we stood for. I believed in the brand because of the way my team showed up every. single. day for this brand. I used to go to our Flatiron store and just gush over the fact that I worked here. It was THE cutest shop EVER. It felt like it was made for ME (I literally say all the time that I AM THE LOU & GREY GIRL).

But anyway…the first thought naturally was that I was going to lose my job and that Lou & Grey would no longer exist. The fashion gods or some higher power did not allow that to happen. For WHATEVER reason, my job wasn’t on the line. It was decided that my boss and I would move over to manage Lou & Grey for LOFT. So really no complaints. The brand wasn’t going anywhere.

So yes, it’s pretty confusing. Lou & Grey for LOFT was ALWAYS a thing. The assortment just catered more towards the LOFT customer vs. the freestanding customer. There were always two versions of Lou & Grey. But when I moved over, I felt like I was basically starting a new job. I had to re-learn the customer (LOFT girls are different from L&G freestanding girls). I had to completely change my mindset when it came to helping create the assortment for this customer. Luckily, the LOFT girl still loves Lou & Grey. I mean, how could you not?!

In a way, it’s less confusing that now that there’s only one place to shop Lou & Grey. And it allows my team to truly put our best foot forward for this brand.

What We Do

In a pre-COVID world, our girl was ALWAYS on the go. She started her day earlier than most, threw her entire life in a bag, and went about her day. We provided pieces that took you to your meetings, to the gym, a coffee date, and then out to dinner. We gave the “tote bag girl” everything she needed.

In a COVID world, we went with our girl. We dressed her in the coziest, warmest, and most feel good fabrics. We kept her feeling somewhat put together during long days and nights of uncertainty. And now we’re still giving her these things…but also pieces that she can take with her as she’s back on the go. We’re back to dresses, jackets, graphic tees, and we love pairing them with sweats!

Lou & Grey is, was, and ALWAYS will be a fabric first brand. So whenever you see anything Lou & Grey, just know you’re getting a great quality that was purposely selected for that particular style. We went from super laid back, to a full lifestyle brand, to super cozy only during COVID, and now we’re just figuring it all out. We want to make sure we’re a complete compliment to LOFT. You might shop at LOFT for work clothes, but then you want Lou & Grey for when you come home. Or on the weekends when you go out for your morning coffee and a walk. Lou & Grey has you covered.

But no matter what Lou & Grey does, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable, cozy, AND chic. ALWAYS.

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  1. 12.23.21
    Melissa said:

    I feel like the style I loved when Lou & Grey was separate from LOFT is gone now that its back to being solely under their umbrella. I used to love buying trousers and knits to wear to work and out and about. Now all I can find are leggings and sweatpants. 🙁

    • 1.3.22

      Hi Melissa – Trust me, I KNOW. We are devastated that we are no longer a freestanding business. Due to the pandemic, it was just not sustainable for LOFT company overall. Luckily, we are STILL a great brand, and you can find many wear to work pieces that were inspired by freestanding Lou & Grey under the LOFT label! Lou & Grey is now meant to be the most casual expression of LOFT.

      I hope this helps!

  2. 7.9.22
    Josephine Dichiaro said:

    I love Lou and Grey clothes. I have many but I am looking for a pair of pants I bought in the past. They are the sateen pants but not the ones out today. These had a zipper and a tie at the front. Are these pants still being made. The zipper ones fit much better than the present pull on ones you’re featuring now. I would another pair of these. Help!

    • 7.21.22

      Hi! I don’t work for the company anymore, but we had no plans to update the current pull on version.

  3. 7.24.22
    Lauren said:

    I also love this brand I even bought some for my mother she loved it! I can dress nice and casual to work!

  4. 8.10.22
    Sallie said:

    I’m 82yrs young n live ln Lou & Grey n have for yrs ! Love their pants n sweaters! I hope the never go out of business!!

  5. 9.11.22
    Susan Wardzinski said:

    Hello I love Lou and Grey but the fabric for the sweatpants that I loved(maybe upstate) seems to have changed. Has there been a fabric change I do t love these like I used to! I would buy5 pair a year before thanks!