3 Ways To Dress With Spring In Mind When It’s Winter

Transitional Dressing Spring to Winter Transitional Dressing Spring to Winter Transitional Dressing Spring to Winter Transitional Dressing Spring to Winter

It’s winter, so it’s cold, ya know? Although I’ve worked in the fashion industry for 9 years, it still annoys me that Spring pieces start trickling their way into stores and online late January/early February. If you live in a place that has a winter, you get it. Sure, it’s been pretty mild in New York City, but it’s still COLD. I still need my chunky sweaters and warm coats! Transitional dressing seems to be so hard to figure out – but hopefully I can help with these easy tips!

How To Tackle Transitional Dressing

Add a pop of color

While I’m not a HUGE fan of color (sorry not sorry), I do think adding some pop of color to your winter outfits is a good way to get ready for Spring. I gravitate towards sweaters – usually cashmere – in fun colors. Cashmere takes color SO well, and I love that I don’t need to necessarily wear them, I can throw them over my shoulders to complete the look!

Utilize commuter shoes

This is a tip for my people who go into the office. When we’re in this weird transitional period for fashion, sometimes I just don’t want to wear boots. I love my ballet flats so much, and sometimes they just go with the look I’m trying to achieve. If I know I want to wear a particular shoe to work, but the temperatures are telling me otherwise, I put on a sneaker, and throw my flats into my work bag.

Build a versatile wardrobe

I’m really trying to build out my wardrobe with pieces that I can wear most of the year. I mentioned the cashmere sweater above, and that’s usually my go to example of something that can be worn all year round. These pieces will allow you to switch up a look and make it more seasonally appropriate. Another good example of a versatile piece are these pants. I’ve had them for over a year now – and own them in 4 colors – and I can’t recommend them enough. They are a great, drapey fabric and are great for all four seasons!

Transitional dressing can now be a no brainer with the help of these tips – hopefully now we can just get dressed!!!

photos by allie provost

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