Things That Work For My Anxiety

Anxiety looks different for everyone.

For me, it’s mainly anxious thoughts that then affect my behavior. There’s no rhyme or reason. I could be having a perfectly normal and happy day…and then my anxiety creeps in. My anxiety comes in the form of thoughts, not panic attacks. I wanted to share some thoughts on MY experience with anxiety, because I know it might help someone else who deals with similar triggers, thoughts, etc. I’ve found that hearing stories of those who also deal with anxiety have HELPED me not feel alone or crazy.

2020 definitely was the year I felt an internal confirmation that I had anxiety. I didn’t want to admit I had anxiety because 1. I know my problems aren’t the end of the world (although they sometimes feel like they are), and 2. I’ve always been like this, so I didn’t actually think it was anxiety — I thought what I was feeling was normal.

think about triggers

When I finally realized (or admitted to myself) that I deal with anxiety, I took at look at things that make me anxious. There are super small things that trigger my anxiety and larger things that send me into a full blown anxiety attack. I characterize my level of anxiety as very dependent on what I can control, my past experiences, overwhelming thoughts, and even social settings.

I know many people experience anxiety from these things, and I’m sure we all would say different things help us. Here’s what helps me.

equilibria cbd

If you follow influencers on Instagram and their blogs, you’ve heard of Equilibria. In 2020, I needed CBD more than ever, and I decided to start trying it in September, after dealing with a lot of major anxiety. When I first started taking Equilibria, I did their pretty “standard” routine (that is until you figure out what actually works for you, and you can also speak to a dosage specialist). I took a daily gel in the morning and a dropper whenever I felt anxiety coming along.

I stopped taking the daily drops (although I think I’m going to start them up again — I’m just terrible at staying consistent). They’re a slow release, and a great way to stay balanced all day. I mainly stick to the extra strength drops. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, I need A QUICK FIX, and these are just that for me. If you’re looking for something similar, I recommend the Balance+.

I found that consistency is definitely key. It took a week or so for me to feel a difference in my anxiety when I started taking Equilibria. Taking it daily helps to maintain the levels in your body to ease anxiousness, inflammation, and help with the normal stresses of every day life.

And although this is not an ad, I do have a discount code. If you use ‘danamannarino’ at checkout, you’ll get 15% off — and you can almost always stack it with any of the promotions they have going on!


I know when people hear “yoga”, they think about some weird, deep, spiritual practice. For me, it’s very much the complete opposite. Sure, the history of yoga and many yoga teachers calls for a deep spiritual practice filled with a lot of words that really don’t mean much. But luckily, I was taught yoga from someone who mixed a spiritual practice with a practical practice. It’s really all about connecting your mind with your body — and that can look like a lot of different things depending on what you want from your practice.

For me, I LOVE what yoga does for my body. I’m generally tight in every muscle, so yoga helps with that. I’ve learned how much loosening up your body can help loosen up your mind. If I’m anxious, getting on my mat allows me to stop thinking for a bit and focus on my practice. When you really lean into your yoga practice, your body and mind will 100000% thank you. Plus, it’s always fun to break new barriers — for so long I wanted to do a headstand but was too afraid to try it. Last year, I decided to just do it, and I DID IT!

breathing techniques

Thanks to yoga, I learned a lot about my breath. I learned how to connect my breathe to movements, and how to breathe properly. When I’m not doing yoga, I use my breath to bring awareness back to my body. If I’m feeling anxious, I’ll take a long, deep inhale for 8 seconds and then a long, deep exhale for 8 seconds. I’ll repeat this for as many times as I need to overcome my anxious thoughts.

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