The Beauty Edit: April Favorites

A round up of this month’s favorite beauty, skincare, and wellness products!

This was a great month for me. I’ve found SO many products that I’m just in love with…and I’m so excited to share them with you!

La Mer’s The Concentrate


Obviously La Mer is a pretty big investment, but trust me…if you splurge on one beauty product, it NEEDS to be The Concentrate. It’s some kind of magical product that feels like straight up velvet on your face. My skin is INSTANTLY transformed to be super silky and smooth. It’s made with an elixir that calms your skin whether you’ve had a little too much sun or been hit with too much winter wind. I promise anyone will LOVE this product.

Ice Roller

Gotta admit, this one isn’t my doing. Grace introduced me to the ice roller and I’ve become HOOKED. I try to use it every night, and roll for like 10-15 minutes after my skincare routine. It’s a great way to depuff, drain, and wake your skin up. It also has been helpful when I have a headache. Seriously recommend this!

Glossier Detox Mask

A few weeks ago I finally made it to the Glossier store in SoHo, and obviously went a little crazy. I picked up this detox mask and have been LOVING it. My skin looks AMAZING after (the first time, my skin was a little agitated, but I gave it another try). This mask removes unnecessary oils and impurities from your skin, and leaves it feeling fresh. I put this on for about 12 minutes (although they recommend 20, but that’s when my skin starts to get pissed off), and my skin is definitely brighter and even!

Glossier Boy Brow

I bit the bullet and bought the Boy Brow. And LOVE IT. After I went to the Neiman Marcus salon to get my eyebrows shaped and tinted, I knew I wanted to keep up with my brows and be able to fill them in properly. I really love this brow gel because it not only helps me fill them in, but also because it helps keep my brows in place. I use the shade Brown to make it as natural as possible.

Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask

You guys know how much I love the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask…and they came out with a lavender version. I LOVE anything lavender, so I just NEEDED this one too. I justified it by telling myself that I’m pretty much finished with my other container. This mask feels so good on your skin and smells SO delicious. It’s a nice way to just relax at the end of the day. PS: It’s a limited edition mask, so don’t miss out!

Origins Hello Calm Mask

I can’t remember how I found this mask, but once I did, I basically ran to Sephora after work. I’ve been wanting to try more products that infuse CBD. When I looked into this mask a bit more, I love that its main motive is to de-stress your skin and senses. It’s formulated with cannabis sativa seed oil that is rich in omega acids that deeply hydrate your skin. The product is also formulated without parabens, phthlates…and other things that I don’t really know about. But I do want to start paying more attention to what goes into the products I’m wearing. So Origins was a great place to start! Overall, this mask helps my skin feel and look healthier…and the calming scent helps too!

photo by allie provost

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