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Even though it’s officially summer, it doesn’t mean work slows down. Especially the fashion industry – we never slow down. At all. That’s just the way it goes (which I’m totally fine with, can’t complain about my career one bit). With market in full swing and Men’s Fashion Week literally right around the corner, things are as busy as ever.

In the midst of hectic schedules, I think people often forget that vacations are a good thing and completely necessary. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would ever be opposed to a vacation that allows you to relax and recharge?!

I really believe vacations should be as fuss-free as possible, and I feel the same way when it comes to packing. I love packing things that I know are as comfortable as possible…but still easily dressy and stylish. Also, I think the idea of being able to remix pieces is a plus because who wants to stress out over what they’re wearing on vacay?! (Not this girl.)

During a trip to Sears, my best friend pulled out this two-piece set (shirt/shorts)and I immediately ran to the fitting room to try it on. It was game over from there. I knew it would be perfect for any summer vacation…no matter where it was or what I was doing.

PS: I just also happen to be a fan of the two-piece sets (seen here).

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