Sezane: A Review Of The Parisian Brand

I was introduced to Sezane through Instagram, and have loved their pieces since. They are an incredible French brand with incredible high quality pieces. I’ve been noticing that when a new collection drops, some pieces sell out within minutes – yes, I learned the hard way (I wanted these boots so badly!) I will be the first to admit that I very much am an impulse buyer. But over the years, I’ve been trying to fill my closet with pieces that I GENUINELY will wear for a long time. That means a lot of great sweaters, jackets, jeans, shirts, dresses, and shoes that’ll get me through all of the seasons of New York. I typically like to think about it like this: “Can I wear this all year round?” Aside from very seasonally specific pieces, most of the time, I can answer yes to pieces.

Okay back to Sezane. I love how they have both classic pieces but also unique prints — all starting with high quality designs and materials. I love that these limited collections allow for the brand to make these really stunning pieces at fairly reasonable prices! Shopping at Sezane is seriously getting me one step closer to what I really want my closet to look like. They just launched their 10 year anniversary collection and there are couple of pieces I’m eyeing for sure!

If you’re a little worried about sizing, I do recommend paying attention to their website. I’ve only owned tops and sweaters from Sezane, and I find that in blouses I like to size up and in sweaters I get a small. This has always been a pretty foolproof way of ordering, but the website does a good job of making sizing notes (and as a merchandiser in this industry, I appreciate that SO MUCH). Another tip — be careful of your order total. If you live in the US and your total is hovering somewhere around $800, you’ll have to pay a customs charge (and NO ONE wants to do that). So just something to keep in mind while shopping!


My first piece was the beloved Gaspard Cardigan and it’s one of my favorite pieces to date. It’s so simple and can be worn so many different ways…and it’s literally just a black cardigan. There’s also STUNNING colors and I’m eyeing this gorgeous sage color. Below are some of my other picks from the website.

Shopping at Sezane is a great way to incorporate stunningly made, amazing quality pieces into your wardrobe, and it’ll also help you feel more put together every day. And isn’t that the point of getting dressed?!

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