Styling A Maxi Skirt For Fall (During Those In Between Temps)

Maxi Skirt For Fall Maxi Skirt For Fall Maxi Skirt For Fall

I’ve always loved a maxi skirt. I find myself reaching them over and over and over again. I think they work well with my petite frame and I think there’s something so classic about them! The “fall” temps in New York have been a little wonky – I mean it was basically 80 degrees all of last week!

Maxi skirts are having a major moment this year. There are SO many different kinds of maxi skirts – silhouettes, fabrics, etc. Even though it seems like everyone is wearing them, they can be a bit difficult to style. I mean, covering most of your body with fabric may seem overwhelming.

Styling A Maxi Skirt For Fall

This skirt (another option here) has been in my wardrobe all summer, and I’m definitely planning on keeping her around for fall and winter. Obviously wearing with sandals here, but the best thing about midi and maxi skirts is that you can transition them into colder temps too. Just throw on a pair of your favorite boots, and your look is brand new.

Also, pro tip: I LOVE wearing tights under my skirt for additional warmth and I feel like it’s my little best kept secret (that pretty much everyone also probably does).

Outfit Ideas

The way I plan on updating this maxi skirt for fall is to swap out the striped shirt, and add a chunky cashmere sweater. I think a knee high boot is SO chic with a maxi skirt – especially if there’s a slit. I’ve had the same pair of knee high boots since 2016 (not kidding), so I think I’m going to upgrade to these. Even though I’m only 5’2, I’m going to try to styling with oversized pieces for fall, but also try to play with proportions – like adding a fun cropped tee with a cashmere sweater on top.

Maxi Skirt For Fall

outfit photos by allie provost

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