The Outfit Formula: Add A Denim Jacket

Welcome back to another installment in The Outfit Formula series! I’ve been having a lot of fun thinking about my wardrobe and how I personally put looks together in order to translate the process into a blog post for YOU! Today, we’re talking about the hero piece that is most likely already in your wardrobe: The denim jacket.

I’ve had a denim jacket in my closet for as long as I can remember. I think I really started embracing them in college, and since then my collection has definitely grown. Season after season, denim jackets have proven to be worth their weight in gold as a staple in your wardrobe. I consider them a neutral, and they go with everything.

A Wardrobe Hero

The denim jacket is a classic wardrobe stable. When I was looking back at old photos, I saw a familiar piece over and over. Over the years, I’ve had different denim jackets in my wardrobe – different washes, different silhouettes, different colors. And I’ve seriously worn them all A LOT. You can also wear them all year round. There’s not many other pieces in my closet that I can do that with. While I know it definitely seems more like a transitional piece, I almost always bring a jacket with me when I go out to eat during the summer or even to the office, because #AC. Even when it’s winter, there are cool ways to wear a denim jacket – like fully buttoned with a blazer over it.

I really just love the versatility of this piece. You name it, you can wear it with one of your denim jackets (oh, you’re not crazy like me and own multiple?!). Having a versatile closet is becoming more and more important to me, so therefore I need pieces that I can wear AT LEAST 3 or more outfits with. And with a denim jacket, the outfit opportunities are endless.

Best Denim Jacket For Dresses & Skirts

Best Denim Jacket For Dresses

Wearing a denim jacket with a dress is probably the most common outfit formula. I think it’s such a nice way to make something a little more casual and also practical (i.e. being able to wear your favorite sleeveless dress, but wanting to stay warm). I love a classic fit for outfits like the one above. When your jacket hits right at your waist, I think it helps give a little shape to a dress that doesn’t fit close to your body. If you’re wearing a tighter fitting dress, I recommend an oversized silhouette (styled here). I also think a fun puff sleeve silhouette is super cute with dresses!

Best Denim Jacket For Pants

Denim Jacket For Trousers

When we’re styling pants, denim jackets can be a little trickier. And it really all depends on the type of bottom you’re wearing. Let’s start with a classic denim on denim look. If you’re set on wearing a denim jacket (vs. a chambray shirt), then I’d recommend wearing either an “exact” wash OR a completely different wash (light and dark). While a classic fit is definitely a good and foolproof option, I LOVE a cropped silhouette with a wider leg trouser. It’s not a surprise that J.Crew lady jackets have been on my mind. This denim lady jacket is the PERFECT option for a pair of trousers (and you can wear it open for a more casual look). If you’re wearing more of a straight leg pant, I think a denim chore jacket could be such a fun option too!

Best Denim Jacket For Athleisure

And finally, a denim jacket for any athleisure look. Of course you can wear pretty much any denim jacket you have, but for me, I’m voting for an oversized silhouette. I typically wear my most oversized jacket even when it’s warm because I like how a bralette/legging combo looks. And the booty coverage is nice too.

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